07 May 2013

some days

some days you prepare a simple pasta dish and make it far more complex than it needs to be. and you don't eat until after 8pm. and don't finish the dishes until close to 9pm. and then you have 30 minutes before your husband goes to bed and instead of watching the Voice, you watch a beloved episode of Friends and try to relax.

and then other days you make a complex dish with marinating and chopping and grilling and are able to catch up on the Voice from the previous night while cooking and watch the current night when it starts at 7pm.

this may or may not be my last two days. the Voice is the first singing/talent/dancing show I've actually been able to sit through and since we decided to be all "up with the times" here in Tucson, we now have DVR and can record shows (gasp!) I'm cheering for Caroline (and basically all of Adam's team) but Tyler wants Danielle to win on Blake's team (surely because she has such a great name and not because she's an adorable 16-year-old Taylor Swift knock-off)

I got a road bike last night! Tyler and I have been wanting road bikes since we lived in Wichita Falls and never took the plunge. it was sort of hard to suppress that urge once we moved here and saw hundreds of 80-year-old Lance Armstrongs hardly able to walk but were robots on a bicycle. we'd been looking at bike shops and craigslist for the past few weeks and found a good deal on a vintage steel machine. we hope to find one for Ty soon but i'm clearly the one with all the free time. yes, it was the first time I had ever ridden a road bike. but I went for a 6 mile ride this morning and love it already. i can see why the padded shorts are so popular (ahem)

this was our delicious dinner tonight: greek yogurt marinated grilled chicken with tzatzik salad (not pureed like it is usually served)- it was definitely worth the extra effort but it's humorous how cooking either relaxes or frustrates-but the most important thing is making sure the food is always nourishing. 
we're hoping to get another baseball game in this Friday night-the weather has been awesome for a Tucson May, we're told. chilly in the mornings and at night (something we never got in North Texas!) and enough hot sun to get a good dose of vitamin d during the day. i've also been going to the mall enough to make sure i don't miss a good sale (or really any new shipments) hope you have a good rest of your week and a great weekend!

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