26 October 2008

day in the mountains(foothills)

okay, since i can't post pictures to save my life, you're just going to have to work backwards with me...tricky, i know...okay--so here's our hiking group from friday...left to right--ashlie, chris, drew, mark, amanda and meeee! :) we had a blast not following rules (going off the trails) and getting our butts dirty.. :) this is what i pictured colorado to be like and it was perfect.
okay, so you're going to notice a theme in these doing stupid things all for the sake of a picture...or because i can't say no (that's more like it)...this was really scary cuz after the picture, i started walking down this very smooth and big rock (that's a cliff over yonder), i slipped and skidded for like five feet and then mark had to save my life.
yes, that is the colorado version of the YMCA
again...monkey see, monkey do...this is a tunnel that cut under (and went uphill) a gravel road that i don't think was ever used... mark started this whole shennanagin...
drew...he was loving the icy water (you'll see more proof in a later pic)
hahahaha...this is when amanda leaned over the edge when mark poked his head through the tunnel and at the same time dropped her tele in the water...good thing nokias are waterproof...?
yep--here's drew loving the ice water. (he was throwing chunks at us...good thing it was more like slush...)
again...can't say no...this was stupid, as you can see by my grimace...this was over the cave...
CREEPY cave that was more like a tunnel...dang bars...
awwwww...this was at the beginning of the hike...
"oh please"
aaaand this is what started our hike: that's me in that outhouse.

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