22 October 2008

this is my buddy drew. drew turned 23 yesterday so we celebrated. obv. the ticket in was a dessert from each apartment. needless to say, i had a sugared-up headache and enough sweets to last until thanksgiving. :) my apartment's dessert? popcorn. don't talk. i think i've got the rae-baby cooking genes. or can't cook genes.

okay so here's chocolate syrup. what else should we do with chocolate syrup than pour it in mouths? yep.
things were going good for drew. too good. so i gave him a lil bit of chocolate facial hair.
and i guess it was my turn. :( i blew chocolate out my nose this morning. yum.mark showed up late and we told him everyone was doing it...sucka. i was trying to get tricky and move the pour around, but he was catching it all.

and what would end a dessert birthday party better than a pie in the face? we told drew he had to do the chocolate syrup game again...with his eyes closed this time...and then i put extra paper towels down...i guess guys really are dense.
in conclusion, i've had a sore throat the past couple days and today drank 4 nalgenes of water to flush out my system, but the only thing i was flushing was the toilet. try peeing every 20 minutes with pantyhose on. oh, and recent prank? i finally got rid of my four cans of sardines...two in russell and kelly's room on sunday night (one in the closet and one above a kitchen cupboard) and two more in brian and mark's room...i'm trying to find an excuse to go over there so i can sniff around...hehe...gross. here's your update, megs. :) thanks for the did you know i was waiting for that? hahaha. your turn for the update, miss monday. oh, and yesterday's class session's topic was sex.

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