09 February 2009

getting blown away

the golden bee

seriously--i thought wind wasn't supposed to hit a valley. it is like a desert storm outside today. i had my window down and went through a construction zone and am still getting the sand out of my hair. sick. :) usually monday night is our bachelor watching night (i hate it...but i'm hooked...and if molly doesn't win, i'm going to express my hatred to ABC) but tonight we're going to be doing our Esther Bible study instead--it's really good so far--we're only on week two, but i love how in-depth it is. i might be hooked on beth moore after this. get in line, i know. so these little boys in the picture are an institute professor's three guys. i've babysat them a few times and last week before i knew it, they looked like this and i was chasing them around for an hour playing monster. they're just too cute--i can't say no to them. i'm getting my first visitor on thursday! yay, linnea! i've been brainstorming what we can do, but unfortunately it's going to be cold (like 45) so who knows. oh, and it snowed all night last night but it's gone this morning. i love this state. okay, tune in next time for a more interesting post. ? (i'll try, anyways)


Anonymous said...

YAY i can't wait to be your first visitor!!! and HEY - I order better weather than that!!!! :) but i'll take what i get as long as i get YOU!

Josh said...

45 is not cold. I am wearing a sweatshirt outside today in 25 degree weather... HEAT WAVE!!!