22 February 2009


pasta...the appetizer, entree and dessert for the unemployed. i had a pretty fun weekend--friday was the air force hockey game, followed by too much bowling (i did, however, win the first game with a score of 131!!! pure luck, though...the next 2 were under 50.) yesterday was a long game night complete with nerts, four on a couch, telephone charades and psychiatrist! lucky for you, i have no pictures to show for it. what's the point in having a camera if you don't use it, you ask. i can't answer that. :) today was communion at my Presbyterian church and for once, i wished for the styrofoam wafers instead of whatever square chunk they gave us. this is linnea, my beautiful friend and first visitor to my new home! we had a great weekend of going out, hiking, and shopping (favorite: downtown denver. strap me to a bench and never make me leave)

what i learned with linnea:
~don't give your number out to creepy guys to get rid of them. they will use it. and be annoying. and jerks.
~fix your windshield wipers when they break--not when you need them
~don't give your number out to anyone.
~waiters with the name fletcher may seem nerdy (who names their kid 'fletcher'?)...but may actually be very cute...but not know how to flirt.
~free jazz and appetizers at a ritzy restaurant are not just for the rich and famous...
and finally...
~when you're out on the town, pretend you don't have a phone so you don't have to be tempted to give out your number.

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