05 April 2009

about time...

for a real update?

welllllll. i got my first paycheck from work yesterday! yesssssss. which means i get to write my own rent check. feels good. :) and even though it's not my dream job, i do actually enjoy it. pretty productive is pretty darn cool. um. i've had a snowy couple of weeks--work was cancelled last friday and i was snowed in dog sitting...coloradoans are so funny with their snow-they can't drive in it, they don't plow it and they don't believe in salt. and it melts almost immediately. enough about the snow. my roommates and i and our three other girlfriends had a girls night last night including a sleepover, which was a blast. we made breakfast this morning and then i fell asleep during aladdin. what else have i been up to? stay tuned... ;) easter's next weekend and i am super bummed about missing out on it...that's what happens when i move away, i guess. still. :( i watched top gun tonight for the first time. it's a good one.


meghan said...

so sad you're not coming!!! i'm attempting buns again this year- seriously you're missing out!!!! love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah- coloradoans and snow- seriously. W-I-M-P-S. With a capital W. So good to talk to you last night, peanit. Love your update, but love you more1 mwah!