01 May 2009

oh. hello, blog. i guess i forget about you.
i have a big 'ol secret that i've been hiding for over a week now. i'm doing very well and i am getting very very excited for it to be revealed. :) today my car got towed--something about it smoking considerably and me not being able to steer. i hate hate hate car problems and getting really cranky about them, but so far i'm doing rather well with it. it's at a shop right down the road and i'll get an estimate on monday. oh! tomorrow night tyler and i are going to the denver symphony to hear some elton john music. downtown denver+symphony+boyfriend= dressing up and simply wonderful........ i took work off so tyler and i can take a road trip after he graduates...first stop is rapid city, second stop HOME. :) i've already warned him about the fam. hmmm...this life i've been given is hard but i love it.

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