07 July 2009


so what on earth have i been up to, you may be wondering...a lot. and not much. tyler graduated from the academy at the end of may (check out the pictures) and i met his parents, brother and rest of the family. following grad i took off work and spent a week in the better half of south dakota. i've been loving the colorado summer...not the lack of air conditioning in my car and townhouse, or the mountains that replaced the mn lakes...but it's give or take, i suppose. my roommate ashlie moved out in june and another girlfriend, meghann, is moving in at the end of july. my most exciting news is that tyler and i are coming home this saturday!!! it's going to be a week of hanging out and enjoying a minnesota summer. yesssss. :) okay--here are some pictures of my life for the past two months. take note of the way too hott (double 't') wet suits for white water rafting. and also my amazing dress for tyler's commissioning and graduation ball. :) and please also note how handsome my boyfriend is. okay bye.

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