29 January 2010


Oops. I may or may not have forgotten about my blog. But! I do have pictures! Please remember I am a novice decorator and have no decorating budget. :) other news... I am still on the job hunt. That seems to be my mantra. It's coming on two years that I've had a college degree and haven't used it. I cut Tyler's hair last week. it got a little short... I finally beat that guy in Settlers! Granted, it was just us two playing...still... :)
Okay so these uploaded backwards, but it's an apartment so i guess there's not really any specific order. but! this is our spare bathroom that i just took a picture of to show you the shower curtain that sara got us (and hooks!) apparently it's a little girly to be "master bathroom" material...but oh well...i love it...
this is the spare bedroom that used to be tyler's bedroom and now is our storage room. it's our weekend project and my next week's project to clean it up for maria to come visit next weekend! (and for cari jo and THREE of her bethel friends to visit in march...yikes...)
this is our bathroom. two sinks. two showers. white shower curtain and rugs with red accents. i'm proud of this guy. and we love the double sinks.
bedroom. this is pretty boring because buying bedroom furniture is low priority for us. we're looking for a headboard and maybe a couple end tables but it's best that they're matching so if you're going to buy those three why not buy a whole set...? 'tis why we wait. but! i love the cheetah pillow and new cheetah blanket from my girlfriend maeve that just may be a relationship saver. :) (as in...husband sleeps with no covers and wife needs covers...)
kitchen with cute red rug and red teapot. and kitchenaid mixer that i would be lost without. (AND aunt marian's kitchen drying towels!)
it seemed like a crime to get rid of the couple hundred cute wedding cards we got so i tried being a little creative with a few and some pictures and put this bulletin board in the kitchen. tyler and i love the picture with my cousins, brooklyn and preston from the night of the rehearsal.
our kitchen/dining room table we found at sears for under $400! it comes with a bench so it seats 6! the door leads to the balcony where we keep the shopping cart that tyler and his roommate stole. i give him grief about it, but truth be told it does save many trips down the long hallways from apartment to parking garage...
living room with couches ty bought for $110 and just sold for $400!!! (in 2 weeks we won't have any furniture...yikes...) you can see our table bench that we're using for a coffee table...and the TV we bought with wedding money...and TV stand from much as we'd love to invest in nice furniture right now, we don't have the money aaaand with as much as we're going to be moving in the next 20 years, it just wouldn't make sense. so! this will do.

we are moving at the end of march and we went apartment shopping last weekend. oh! and we also got invited to a couple's house from church for supper tomorrow night. that should be fun...i'm bringing a dessert but don't really know what...any suggestions? Happy Friday!


Amanda G. said...

my dessert suggestion...BTS cake!!! come know its a winner, and you can rename it if you need to :)

love you, miss you.

Brittany said...

:) What a cute little blog dani! :) I think your blog is just adorable.

Hope things are going well!

meghan said...

i just love ya! your apartment is cute. i agree with the bts cake. it really is the best. i also love the pic of you guys and 2 of my kids. so cute. hope you had a good weekend!

saranaede said...

I LOVE your bathroom..and kitchen...and well, you mostly.
Hope you're having fun with mariiiiiiiiiia.