01 February 2010


Well my monday alone is almost over. My days pretty much consist of the same thing: eat breakfast with ty, fix his lunch while he brushes his teeth, say good-bye, watch the Today Show for a while, get ready for the day, do chores, etc...sit at the computer and apply to jobs for a while, take a break for lunch, quiet time, apply for more jobs, go get the mail, cook/bake, wait for ty to come home.
that's it. today i got a really weird recipe for "BBQ Chicken Pot Pie" on Rachael Ray's website and decided to try it out. it smells okay but I have no clue what it's going to taste like. stay tuned.
for some reason, it is confusing to me which nob turns on which burner on the stove. numerous times i've caught myself waiting for a few minutes for something to boil all the while realizing the back burner was on instead of the front. today is a great example but instead of waiting a few minutes, i got my concoction all set up on the stove, did other things around the apartment for over 1/2 hour, came back and stirred the pot, did something else for another 15 minutes and then realized something might be wrong.
i also have a bad habit of leaving the used dryer sheets in the dryer even though i add a new one every time (maybe it makes it extra soft?) well today i pulled out NINE dryer sheets from the bottom of the dryer.
i realized quite some time ago that because i am left-handed, i hang clothes a different way than right-handed people. my closet in colorado was organized to a tee, with the clothes pointing the same way and long-sleeve and short-sleeve, summer and winter clothes all belonging somewhere. now, the closet is in shambles and shirts are facing every-which-way. uff da!
well...those are some i must try and salvage this poor excuse of a supper before husband comes home. happy monday!

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