26 March 2010


I. am. bored.

Remember how, in an earlier post, i talked about being in the mood to blog? well i'm not. but i am doing anything/everything to keep from being bored. i would really like to go to the park, paint my nails and read a good book but there is laundry to do, cleaning to take care of, and a 2-bedroom apartment to pack up. i would also like to make sugar cookies but that seems like a silly way of procrastinating. i am ready to start work on monday. i am ready to get moving out of the way. i am also ready for 5:30, when tyler comes home and the weekend officially starts. but i have an afternoon of waiting. and boredom. and procrastinating. and this isn't even interesting so i'm going to put all of you faithful readers out of your misery and stop. here's a picture to keep you from falling asleep.

sometimes i'm weird. here's proof.

also, i got my texas driver's license in the mail yesterday! i'm officially a texan...?'s not cool and bendy like MN but what can you expect...tyler and i finished our thank-yous! in just 3-4 days! not too bad, eh? :) okay. i'm out.

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