26 March 2010

park love

Well I soon as I wrote that last post, i decided to pack up and go to the park after all. i don't regret that decision at all. i got about 5 chapters in a book read, my nails painted a beautiful red and my dose of vitamin d that i've been lacking. now i'm energized, refreshed and ready for a date night with my husband! and we're crossing our fingers we can find cheap tickets to tonight's sweet sixteen game just down the road from us (it's Duke vs. Purdue and St. Mary's vs. Baylor...) okay! time to wrap the afternoon up. hope you all have had a great day! HAPPY FRIDAY!

i love watching this red train full of kids and parents go around the park. it's fun to wave back a forth until it disappears...
a relaxing afternoon is never complete without some diet coke. sigh.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

What a beautiful looking day. We are planning a day full of park time tomorrow! Can. not. wait. :)