28 March 2010


What started out as an innocent dinner date night at a fabulous Tex-Mex joint in Midtown turned into getting last-second tickets to the DUKE/PURDUE Sweet 16 game just a couple miles from home!! We parked for free, walked two blocks and found ourselves in the rush of NCAA Madness. Our tickets were for the 600 section, well into the higher altitudes but after a few minutes of the first quarter we found ourselves some vacated seats on the main floor. The view changed drastically, and although Purdue lost the game, (we both had them on our bracket aaaand it was annoying seeing the whole stadium cheer for Duke just because it's Duke) it was a blast!
This picture above is where we started the night. My eyes were sore from squinting. And even though we were really high up, we saw where we sat for the rodeo and realized it was much higher. Haha.
Aaaaaaaand this is where we moved to, thanks to Tyler. Great switch.
Great view.

In other news, I promise to never update my blog again while bored. I got bored re-reading it and Tyler was not amused or impressed. So there's my promise. And apology.

Tomorrow I start work. Friday/Saturday we move. Sunday is Easter. Both Tyler and my brackets for this tourney are shot, so I guess we don't have to worry about scheduling the Final Four in. Yesterday we joined our church's youth group (we help out every Wednesday) with their Scavenger Hunt and had so much fun! My team of girls got second and Tyler's team got third. Well, time to get busy with other things. Have a great week!


Brittany said...

:) You are such a lucky girl! How fun would that game have been! I just love live sports.

How cool is it that you are volunteering with the youth group!

The Redhead Riter said...

Lovely pics. I love to hear the shoes squeak on the court.