26 July 2010

mascara mess

Welcome to my adventure in makeup.  I've never worn a lot of makeup for a few reasons:  I wasn't allowed until after my friends had started large collections, I had struggled with acne for a bit and the thought of covering my blemishes up with thick creams still makes me shudder, aaand I still never really know what goes where and how much.  All the creams and powders and colors--uff dah!  Waterproof, moisturizing, oil-free, scented...And the time!  I already groan at showering simply because it takes so long to get ready after the shower with my hair and deciding what to wear (we're talking 40 minutes that I could spend on much more fun things!) but to add in a makeup routine-yikes!... I will confess, however, that I do love a good mascara.  Mascara is a low-maintenance, hassle-free, quick fix.  Something that usually makes my eyes pop and sparkle without looking like I joined the cabaret.  After years of never buying the same mascara twice, I finally was so enraptured by a new commercial several months ago (I have a very high external self-complex, making me easily persuaded...thank you, Bethel Persuasion101) that I ran to Target and used the car mirror to apply my first coat.  It was everything I'd hoped it would be.  Not only did it cover every single lash with a "midnight black" coat, it lengthened and separated with each sweep.  The only problem was that the $8 tube lasted about three months and then started getting funky and gunky.  Here is the miracle mascara, Telescopic Explosion by L'Oreal.  As you can see, I've still kept it as a back-up, even though I might as well toss it so I don't get tempted to use it.

 So then about a month ago I found a miracle sale and was so excited, I ran to the check out line and straight to the bathroom to rip the package open.  Later that night, as I was washing my face, I noticed the mascara wasn't rinsing off like it usually does (again--the simpler the better, I've never been a fan of makeup remover when washing my face does the same thing...just eliminating a step here, people) I looked at the tube.  And cringed.  One side of the tube says, "Hydrofuge" and the other side, "Waterproof".  Crap.  Everyone knows how hard it is to get waterproof mascara off.  Even with eye makeup remover.  Just a pain.  Not worth the $1.50 I'd saved with the "killer" sale, let me tell you.  I gave up trying to wash off the mascara and went to bed wearing it.  Ugh.  The next day was another trip to Target to buy my oil-free eye makeup remover, a sin in my book. No luck with the remover.  20 minutes later and I had a streaked face and lumps still clinging to the few lashes I had left. 

So finally.  Here I am.  With my new "the Colossal Volum' Express".  I love almost every part of it.  Except for the part I didn't notice.  Apparently I snagged their "diamonds" edition (I couldn't avoid the glittery box) that adds a literal sparkle to your lashes.  Which actually ends up all over one's face and then I might as well be back in junior high wearing glitter eyeshadow again.

So my search continues.  I'm somewhat content with my new Colossal find, but then last night after watching a movie I noticed that my husband had a bit of glitter on his shirt.  So now Tyler has an added sparkle to his life.  I need suggestions.  What will make my baby blues pop?  Something that's not time-consuming on both ends--applying and removing.  And something I can afford to cover both lashes with.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and input.  It is much appreciated, by both my watch and wallet. 


Brittany said...

i have the same kind (the yellow one) and I am not a huge fan.. I love the double extender.. Where you put on the white stuff, and then the black stuff! It makes my eye lashes look HUGE!

p.s. Have you heard of norwex? Its a cleaning company, that has no chemical cleaners. Its incredible, but mostly I love their wash cloths! You wash your face with them without adding any chemicals. Just water! It takes my make up off with one swipe! I was really nervous at first, but its the best purchase I have made in months! My skin feels amazing.. and my "time of the month" acne was gone in a few days! CHECK INTO IT! (no make up remover for me..EVER again!)

Amanda G. said...

i think i use volume lashes by covergirl (purple bottle)...if i remember right there's a waterproof AND regular version. But I also use Pond's cold cream as an eye makeup remover (the liquid stuff never worked for me either) and I will literally NEVER use anything's great! It's a cream that doesn't burn, you rub it on your eye for like 5 seconds and then wipe off with a warm, wet cloth...viola!

Audrey said...

hey hun! you should check out my blog post about mascara (it's from around the beginning of june) I bought a new kind and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :) Check it out and let me know what you think!

meghan said...

after spending WAY too much on mascara i found that loreal volumizing does the trick. i've been using it for years. every now and then i get suckered into an expensive brand (along with being a closet mascara junky i'm also a marketing reps dream) but my good ol' loreal volumizing outshines them all. good luck and i feel ya with the waterproof stuff- i can't seem to get my arrowwood waterproof mascara off either...yikes!!

Holly Stavness said...

oh my word!!! i totally use that yellow one...but mine isn't glittery at all! i LOVE IT! hilarious that you wrote a blog on mascara...only you could pull it off and your communication degree;) can't wait to talk to you!!!

Anonymous said...

hohdan. i've used a few of these mascara's from avon and love love love them :)