29 October 2010


i'm back, i'm back!! i know you probably all have been checking my blog 7 times a day looking for any sort of hello. thanks for caring. :) here's what's been keeping me so busy:

tyler and i found out friday night that his grandpa Bud had passed away, after battling cancer and spending his last few days in a lot of pain. we were thankful when Jesus took him home, and that his pain was finally over. we had been looking forward to the "Wings Over Houston" airshow and decided to continue with those plans, (pictures of that to come!) and then hopped on a plane sunday morning for south dakota. we had so much fun spending time with his family and celebrating Bud's life. it snowed on wednesday for a little bit, which was very exciting considering we had left houston sweating in the 90 degree "Fall" temperatures (i got sunburned at the air show). we played a few games in our down time (i won a round of hearts and farkle, no big deal) and ate my body weight in ice cream and nachos from tyler's parents' ice cream shop. i was even able to stay a little caught up from a distance, which made work today less hectic. we don't have plans for halloween and since the weekend snuck up on us, also have nothing planned, which may just be wonderful. :)

thanks for visiting and i'll try to get you a real exciting post asap. my agenda now: friends season 4.

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