01 October 2010

what was i thinking

you know that dierks bentley song, what was i thinking? you know, the one about an idiot guy making stupid choices for the girl he liked (like getting chased by her ex-con dad waving a twelve gage) or maybe i'm the only one who has it playing in my head from the radio this morning...anyone else a country music fan? it'd be criminal not to be here in texas.

well...let me explain my version of the song...

one week ago yesterday
i had a brilliant idea
one that might finally kick the extra marriage/medicine-induced weight i had obtained the past 8/9 months.
it looked fun.
easy, even.
you know what's coming...

a diet? well, there's a first for everything.
and usual, i gave in to the catchy marketing and convinced my hubby to get on board.
there you have it. i'm attempting the special k challenge.

the diet part:
eat one special k product (protein shake or bar or 1 cup of cereal) for breakfast and lunch.
eat two special k snacks at any point in the day (granola bar, 17 crackers, handful of cereal).

and then! eat whatever i'd normally consume for supper!! (and drink whatever i usually do, as well) (obviously w/in reason) (i can also eat all the fruits and veggies i'd like)

the pros:
i'm eating almost nothing. (really, about 350-450 calories all day before supper)
i'm supposed to drop a jean size in two weeks.
i don't have to pack a lunch :)
the cons:
i'm STARVING ( know...not close to death, but to the point where i think my insides are eating each just to stay quiet)
next friday, when this mess is over, i'd better not gain every pound back (as in, i'm going to have to semi-keep this up, or else..............)
uh.......lack of nutrition/well balanced diet... anyone?

really, what was i thinking
oh well. i'll let you know how it goes. in the meantime, excuse me while i fill up my waterbottle for the 120th time today.
have a happy weekend! come back tomorrow and hear my exciting secret!



Josh and Bre said...

as far as dieting... it is always a fail/fail situation for me... so i am trying working out while bribing myself with tanning. i signed up for planet fitness and they have free tanning at the health club. So if i work out i get to tan.. though it is not working 100% being i am still pasty white lol though i have only been home a little over one week this month... next month hopefully i am tan and a little thinner ;) my goal is to get back into the jeans i was wearing a year ago

Josh and Bre said...

and i still wish you were preggers

Nate & Erin said...

Good luck on the challenge! I'm currently working on my own weight-loss challenge as well. :)

Go NAVY! Beat Air Force! ;)

Olson Rx said...

okay secret now please.