12 November 2010


Oh my word. I know i haven't posted in a while (sorry) but I had to write something about this awesome deal I found for Shutterfly through my friend, Brittany. She was talking about her recent quest for the cutest holiday cards in order to properly brag about her adorable son (those are my words) to many family and friends...

Tyler and I have very briefly discussed holiday cards and while we know the biggest news for us this year is getting hitched, it happened RIGHT after last year's cards were sent out, thus deeming it very old news. sigh. so we're trying to come up with great and creative ideas (help?). Anyways...I've used Shutterfly for years (well...all the way through college) my favorite things about them are the pictures are in good quality, their designs are so adorable for cards, they deliver very quickly AND you get 40 (or so) FREE prints when you first sign up! How cool is that?? So Britt directed me to their holiday special where I can get (and you can, too!) 50... i repeat...FIFTY (that's way more than my list of send-to's but oh well...) free holiday cards! awesome, huh? All you have to do is go here and do a little write-up on your own bloggy. Sweet, eh?? Cha-ching!

So far my wonderful ideas for our first Christmas card include our trip to the Galleria (the 2nd biggest mall in the U.S. but not even a close second in my heart to my lovely MOA) to use the indoor ice skating rink (we're going there on Saturday with the youth group!) -- with a dumb caption like, "they do have ice in texas!" or we could go to the grass animal sculptures in midtown...or to one of the museums. We'd like to think of something "Texas" but my creativity is not producing very wonderful ideas. We'll see. Anyways--I checked out the website on Shutterfly for some inspiration and am very excited have a picture to match the card's are some of my favorites:

This one is simple yet classy, even when we don't have the cute kids to brag about: it's a flat photo, which is enticing

Then there's this one which is soooooooo cute and may be slightly ironic that we have a snow card since chances are we won't be getting any (it also might help the ice skating picture fit in well):

Precious, huh? And then a favorite that caught my eye right away is this one:

There's my update. I'll let you know when we finally decide! Thanks for stopping by!


Brittany said...

Pretty sure its the BEST deal ever! I already got my confirmation code, so I am ordering tomorrow! EEK! I'll have to get your address so that I can send you one!!! :)))

Josh and Bre said...

woot-woot i did mine and posted so i can't wait to get my confirmation code and what not so i can make some awesome cards :) ps check out my new blog for pics and video from the mini mini vaca in florida