22 November 2010

this is exactly what it looks like...

it's against the law to not clean up after your pet.

apparently pet owners have a problem with this.


yes that is my shoe. yes i was very upset when i stepped in a huge pile of fresh doggy doo. yes i will be talking to the management today.

happy monday!


Brittany said...

:) This is why I love you! HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!

Nate & Erin said...

Sick! Hope you were able to salvage your shoe still. :(

Thanks for praying for Tim. I know his family appreciates all the prayers they can get. And yes, I'm SO excited to head home for Christmas! It's going to ROCK! Nate found out that it's fairly likely that his next billet is ANGLICO (Air Naval Gun Liasion Company), and as of right now, we'll be stationed here again. It would've been cool to go somewhere else, but we'll be closer to Jared and Nikki (up in VA) and I'm hoping to get to grad school sometime soon. So we're glad to be here again. :)