22 December 2010

there is no place like home...for the holidays...

technically, i'm going to tyler's home.  but let's say when you marry into a family, you also marry into their home, eh?  :)

after surviving a crazy little bit at work, packing is the last thing i want to do (which is why i'm updating my blog and not doing just that)  but husband is doing the dishes (and emptying tupperware with thanksgiving leftovers...i know...)  and we just turned the boise st/utah game on.  we're leaving 83 degree weather (christmas, what??) for hopefully a little snow and possibly even a little bite in the air.

these are our plans (which don't really leave room for much computer time):

leaving tomorrow.

driving.  yes, driving.  21 hours and 58 minutes.  1,303 miles.  it's okay.  i love road trips and i love road trips with my husband.  alright, i'll stop being so dramatic.  but really--most everyone thinks we're crazy.  but we're getting some quality time together, i'll get some knitting done, tyler some reading and we'll be very happy with the wad of cash we're saving vs. flying.

we'll arrive hopefully in time for the Christmas Eve service (evening) in Rapid City.  then spend christmas day with the brummers, austin's girlfriend megan arrives the morning of the 26th.  and then!  my mom, dad, sisters, brother, aunt rita and grandma and grandpa are all going to be there!!  hopefully the week will include lefse making, an air force football win and some good presents.  but really, it's going to be great seeing everyone

on our way back to houston, we'll be spending new year's eve (also our anniversary, in case you missed that)...together with friends in the wonderfully classy and historic san antonio.  surely will be grand. 

okay.  really.  no more procrastinating. 

merry christmas! 


Laura said...

We just cleaned out our tupperware with Thanksgiving leftovers on Monday! Haha, glad we weren't the only ones. :) Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas!!

Josh and Bre said...

oh fun... san antonio is one of the places me and josh have been thinking to go to when I have 3 days off the beginning of january. Though those three days may just be spent at home or flying out to colorado to see dave and kathie jo(the flower girls parents aka josh's family) since i have never been to there place but hey how far are you guys from san antonio?? because at some point we will be making a trip down there it is just a matter of figuring out when i can get time off... stupid job. but ya hopefully when we go to tx i get to see you!! miss you

Josh and Bre said...

ps i am supposed to be cleaning since family is coming over here on Christmas but im not im on blogger... maybe will do a little blog