04 January 2011

get your resolution on!!

i'm not dead.  or sick.  or done with blogging.  just trying to figure out how to come back in with a bang.

probably won't happen, so i'll just get to it...bang or no bang.

our christmas was fabulous.  followed by a very classy and rather chilly texas new year's eve in one of the top NYE destination cities.  (that's san antonio, if you need a refresher or didn't read my earlier posts)  i miss my family lots and it was just wonderful to see them but every six months?  stinky, right??

back to new year's eve/anniversary...after checking into our hotel room (which turned out to be a two-bedroom suite on the 5th floor of a 1920's hotel)...we met our friends, tim and whitney, for a delicious meal (well worth the price, but i couldn't help thinking about how many pairs of shoes i could buy instead) and spent the rest of the night wandering the streets waiting for the fireworks (which we took in from tim and whitney's balcony of their bed and breakfast's version of a penthouse suite)...the following day we took advantage of the military rate for sea world ( and revisited the child in us as we watched the sea lions, were awed by the costumed trapeze artists, and screamed through rollercoasters (well, not the last one for me...someone had to hold the purses!) 

like every calendar-conscious, apprehensively regretful member of the human race, i have been thinking about a superb resolution to start the new year as fresco as possible.  fortunately for me, it also means the start of a new year of marriage (the big #2!) so it seems as if i will always have a myriad of potential resolution, if my marriage lacks perfection.  (go ahead and laugh)  so i have resolved (deep breath) to be a better wife.  (crash, bang, boom!!)  

it's been interesting actually living the married life versus just reading about the married life or hearing about the married life from older, wiser advice-givers.  it is seriously nothing like i expected.  nothing as in good.  it's different.  it's harder, and yet, easier.  all those books, all those wise words...mean a lot and i'll probably remember a lot of it, but so far, most of it hasn't applied to our marriage.  the biggest thing i've learned about marriage and the biggest thing i need to work on is that marriage is different for every person and every couple.  don't worry--i'm not going all apathetic or relative-truth on you.  there are truths that will always be the same truth about marriage and God's intended relationship, but the actual marriage is different for every. single. couple.  i'd say the only thing about marriage that is the exact same for every person is the marriage license.  i watched sex and the city 2 (gasp!  i know...) this summer and i still remember what carrie bradshaw said about marriage: no one knows what goes on in a marriage between two people but those two people... 

my resolution stems from that.  i'm going to do a great job at loving my husband how i know how to love and in ways that my husband understands i'm showing love.  i can learn from others (and plan on it) but really...if i expect things to go a certain way how other people get them to work, i can't be disappointed when it doesn't happen.  what i can do well is learn the best ways to show my love and support.

sheesh!  not the lightest first post of 2011.

another resolution?  spice up the blog?  mmk. 

here's to more of 2010.  but better.  

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Brittany said...

I loved this post! really loved it! It may in fact be my favorite post thus far! :) great job! a