26 January 2011

mushy gushy

could it be?

is it true?

am i dreaming?


is the world murmuring sweet nothings about valentine's day already?

a quick glance at my calendar tells me it's not too terribly early and that my life is simply flashing before my very eyes.

but still.  valentine's day? 

it actually surprises me that people still put up such a big fuss.  and by people putting up a big fuss, i mean those who max out their credit just as much as those who proclaim the day a crime against mankind (particularly the single part of mankind).  it seems like all of a sudden people realized the huge industry feb. 14th is and the ginormous spike in the economy it provides (big shocker), and now there are just as many complainers and boycotters as there are saps.  big whoop.

me?  us?

i've always been a fan of things that give one a reason to celebrate......a birthday?  let's make a cake!  christmas?  ham and presents!  anniversary?  hotel on the riverwalk and a fancy dinner!  pay raise?  ski trip!  wedding?  new dress!  new car?  road trip!  in between jobs?  overseas trip!
(some or all of the above may or may not apply to us)    

our beautifully disgusting, overwhelmingly gushy, selfless adoration for the person with whom we're spending the rest of our living days?  sure i'll take a day with flowers, chocolates and fun dinner!
no, tyler, i am not taking this opportunity to gently prod you to shower me with the aforementioned goodies.  i'm just saying that you and i, in my opinion, have it together as far as our valentine's day beliefs go.  i could live without it.  but i'd rather live with it.  :) 

so maybe, we'll celebrate not only because of our super sappy love, but also because the rest of the world celebrates with us.  that seems like the most fun to me.   

maybe chocolate will be involved (chocolate that doesn't involve being baked in my oven, mind you)...maybe flowers (hey, a girl can dream) but really...maybe just a fun dinner would be nice.  and maybe it doesn't even have to be the big 14th.  but the thought of treating each other extra special 'just because' sounds...simply worthwhile.


Rebekah said...

We aren't big on Valentine's Day, but we always end up doing something. Even if it's just go to dinner and a movie. It doesn't even have to be at a nice place!

Christy Ashley said...

My birthday is the day after Valentine's Day so my mind is always focused on that =) Thanks for your sweet comment and for stopping by =)