19 January 2011

misery really does love company

i know i'm being all weird and posting two days in a don't forget to read my post yesterday!! 

it's innocent, i promise!  i just wanted to share some favorite pictures of our wonderful weekend before i found every excuse not to.

we flew into denver friday night and met maria after getting our rental car (i'm still trying to talk that girl into moving to denver) and drove to the 8 bedroom house in breckenridge...

then we hit the slopes at 9am saturday morning...

 ran into these gals...just kidding, they drove up from colorado springs to see me!!  (and tyler...but he wasn't sick of skiing yet)
 DAY TWO.  keystone.  my new favorite mountain. 
my punk boarder of a husband.  and you might notice those skis the boarder is holding.  not mine, and not rentals.  my favorite father in law let me borrow those and they. were. awesome.  since i know mike is a faithful reader and will probably see this post the second it's uploaded, i want to give him a rare blog shout out.  THANKS MIKE!!  it's a shame, but they were confiscated by the charming TSA-- i hope you won't miss them. 
 and then the drive home...of course it was blizzarding...

and here i am.  due to a small car and three ski bags (full of skis/a board), and thanks only to the ipod touch camera, i was the only person i could see for the whole car ride.   

well there you have it.

tyler was already looking at tickets to go again this season, but it'll probably have to wait until next year.  a good tradition, if you ask me.  :)


Josh and Bre said...

You guys will have to tell me and josh when you go next year so that we don't go a week apart and go at the same time next year lol and then you can stay at josh's aunt and uncles place(hot tub!! woot woot) we didn't do breck or keystone this year just A Basin but josh LOVES keystone!!!

Meghan said...

I love Keystone! I found your blog through...I can't remember where now, but I found it, & now am reading through it (: & yay for skiing, skiing is where it's at!