22 February 2011

i gave up...

alas.  i gave up. 

but only for a little bit. 

here is my i-really-want-to-grow-my-hair-out-long-and-beautiful-but-reeeeally-don't-have-the-patience-and-two-years-is-a-long-time-to-wait-so-i'll-just-get-an-itty-bitty-trim-for-now haircut:

i've given up before, but this time hopefully i've found the cure: a hairtrim every so often (it's been a while)  but we'll really see how it goes, hopefully not like...this post...  where i apparently gave up again.  crossing my fingers. 

oh well.  it's on to my friend, Carla's, who is from Mexico City and is making us authentic Mexican food!!!  (which is, by the way, easily my favorite food) Carla also just got engaged to an Air Force dude.  Yay!!! 

farewell for now.


Josh and Bre said...

little trims every few months helps you hair grow I think... that is what I did to grow my hair out. about every two months is when I trimmed mine... just half an inch or and inch off

Carla said...

Yay! I made it onto your blog!! I feel famous. I hope you enjoyed dinner. It was really fun cooking for you all. Hope it lived up to your expectations. We'll have to do it again before you take off on me.