14 April 2011

don't even get me started

i know i haven't been around lately.  and i know i missed wacky wednesday, only two weeks after i started it.  but to be honest, i have had zero time to even open my blog's page this week (gasp!) much less bring myself to write something.  i know.  i really do know. 

tomorrow my favorite person in the world defends his thesis, the final step (i think? i lost track) to being one of the 8.9% of americans with a master's degree.  i am so so soooo proud of him, i want everyone we know to be there and to have the biggest party anyone has ever seen.  but since most of the people we know live at least 24,078.65 miles away, it's not going to happen.  however, i am busy baking up a literal storm (my poor baby kitchen) for his actual defense (apparently they're (they as in, those presenting, so tim and tyler) in charge of providing refreshments, which means I'M in charge of providing refreshments) so far on the menu: pig cake from pioneer woman, red velvet brownies with delicious frosting and possibly some sort of beautiful cupcake or cookies. (chocolate is calling my name...anyone have any wonderful suggestions?) after he presents, he'll get a free bottle of champagne from the grad school 'bar' on campus, so i'm making (my first ever!!) cheesecake to go with that.  since it's the last thing of the day on a friday, we might be looking at 20 some people (YIKES).  it should be wonderful.  i'm expecting nothing less.  so very proud of my hubby, he earned every bit of that degree. 

and since tyler is that much closer to being finished with school, we are that much closer to finishing with houston.  it really is getting bittersweet.  i am so glad to be peacin' out for tyler's sake, he's totally ready to start flying and making magic with pilot training.  and i'm glad to be getting a house (i say that like it's a present, which it kind of is, i suppose) but i wish i could take all the people i've grown to love with us.  nat and shannon are throwing a send-off this saturday for us, which i'm seriously excited for.  i hope i don't embarrass myself and get all sappy.     

in some other very fascinating news, after christmas we bought three 12 packs of coke.  reg, diet (my second love), and vanilla! vanilla coke was one of my favorite things years ago when it came out, and i have since forgotten about it.  since we've had these three 12 packs for months, the vanilla and diet have long ago disappeared.  and i have been doing so well about not drinking coke.  (probably once a week now, and i didn't even 'quit' on purpose, just laziness) until, in a moment of weakness, i reached my hand to grab one of the last regulars (ugh) for lunch today and my hand came back with (wait for it) 12 ounces of vanilla coke brilliance!  fireworks went off, someone did a little dance and i ran out of the apartment before i even had time to think.  that might be one of the best parts of my week.  until tonight, when i go for my first-ever experience with bubble tea with two gals i'm going to miss dearly, tracee and carla (the reason why i painted tasting room on my painting, so i will always remember going there with those girls.)  you just had to know all of that. 

thanks for listening. i promise to take pictures tomorrow and saturday and to share them with you before it's next year. 

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