19 April 2011


this week at work wasn't supposed to be as stressful.  but it is.  which is making me (sadly) look forward to next week, when i will not be working there anymore.  maybe 'they' planned it that way.  here are a couple pictures from our sending off party that nat and shannon hosted on saturday night.

as you can see, the party was awesome!!!!  the food was something itself: delicious bbq that nat had grilling all day, amazing salads, desserts, potatoes, chips, fruit, and everything else in between.  there were tables decorated with pictures of us and 'cute' little paper fighter planes (that i failed to get a picture of, of course) the weather was beautiful. (very rare) basically, the whole evening was a blast;  shannon and nat did such a good job!  we felt so special and appreciated and loved and have been blessed by each person who was able to come, and those who weren't able to be there. (and i only teared up once) 

i really can't believe the day is a week from today.  (ahem...moving day)  no, we haven't done any packing.  no, we aren't really worried about it.  and no, we haven't even had time to really dwell on next week.  it's hard to fathom the trip we've been dreaming about for over a year is literally two weeks away.  that's how life goes, isn't it? 

thanks for stopping by and checking in!  we're off to celebrate the entire air force crew's completion from grad school, which happened for tyler when he defended his thesis last friday.  below you'll see the cheesecake [my first ever!] i baked for the celebration after his defense and a very relieved husband and his wife.  whew!  i am married to a master of science and am so proud of him!! :) 

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