23 April 2011

the movers are coming!

i haven't decided if i should be saying,

"the movers are coming on MONDAY"


"the movers aren't coming UNTIL monday"

yesterday those two statements seemed more arguable.  

i'm packing in many different ways:
-first for our trip that will hopefully for sure include across the U.S., then to hawaii and may include japan, australia, new zealand, singapore and virtually anywhere we can fly for free.  (thank you, military hops!)
-next for our trip to colorado springs for austin and megan's wedding...four days...
-then for 30 days worth of belongings in case we aren't able to get a house on base right away...
-and finally, since we don't know if we'll get a house right away, i'm packing for what i'll need for weeks in minnesota for shelley and kory's wedding and a bridal shower for my sister. 

the more i type here, the more i realize what i have to do and that i should be doing it.  haha.  happy saturday!  

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