10 May 2011

oh how the mighty...

still reeling from our phuket hotel high, (read previous post for details) we crashed pretty hard when the only hotel we could find where the rail dropped us off (we did check at two before the 'winner' didn't offer rooms for overnight...just by the hour (which a hostel owner said was a hotel for 'hanky pank'), so that didn't pan out and the second was 'full') was literally four walls, one full-sized bed and a bathroom with a sprayer for a shower.  we checked in and left for the rest of the day and when we got back, realized the stench we were weak over was because i had left the toilet seat up (how could i?!?).  we could hear the 'maid' cleaning next door at 10pm and knew how many people came in through the elevator.  if we could understand the language, we'd be able to carry on a very normal conversation with them.  talk about paper thin walls.  but, we agreed to it.  we were able to look at the room before we booked it and agreed it was worth not having to walk around anymore on the sticky, crowded, and smelly singapore streets.  what we didn't agreed to was the tv having a maximum volume (which was low in comparison to the outside noise) and a neon yellow glow.  we also didn't realize the bed had a crunchy nylon mattress and no fitted sheet.  or that the bathroom didn't have any soap (which is the only thing you want to do after touching anything in asia, or at least the parts i've seen)  but we were safe.  and we slept.  and we're ready for the 7 hour plane ride to japan. 

after being exactly 12 hours ahead of CST, we're traveling back in the time zones now and will be gaining a day, which is for the best, since our next 3-5 days are very uncertain.  ideally, we'll be back in the good ol' usa sooner rather than later so we have plenty of time to see holly and bryce in sacramento (and in-n-out burger, pleeeeeease?!), visit a little place i've only heard about, las vegas, and travel all over arizona to see the grand canyon up north and friends in the south.  it's going to feel so good to be back on home soil.  :)

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