09 May 2011

Phuket paradise.

Well where do I start?

I haven't been as faithful with my updates as I would like to have been but just know we're having a blast!!

After spending a full 3 nights and 4 days on koh phi phi, we headed back to Phuket on the afternoon boat. The boat was much smaller but still as crowded as the way out and it seemed the only quiet and not smelly place was along the side, squashed between the railing and the cabin. We were safe behind the railing but with how wavy and choppy the ocean was, it felt like a roller coaster most of the time! Stay tuned for video of that portion...:)

When we got off the boat, we had a taxi take us to one of the many beaches and drop us off on the side of the road. It's very unusual how the travel places work here... There are countless places and you can book everything with them...on phi phi we could have booked the boat ride(what we actually did), the taxi to the hotel, the hotel, the next two day's activities and a plane ticket back home. All from this tiny little shop that uses a pen and memo pad and no computer. Needless to say, we weren't convinced the hotel she was showing us was what the pictures looked like, so we opted to look around, which seemed like a crime to her, the boat operator, the taxi driver and the motorbike rental guy. But we're glad we waited. After getting dropped off on some random beach, we walked around (with our increasingly heavier packs) for a good hour, around a disgusting bayou, up a hill, asked three different hotels and finally on the 4th (and second room) found a winner.

I have never stayed anywhere so wonderful. Our room is the highest at the hotel, with high ceilings and very modern architecture, tucked into a hill overlooking the ocean, trees and the rest of the hotel (that was the most recent picture on my Facebook). It is easily a 4 or 5 star hotel. Breakfast was literally unreal. Pick your own entree, then choose anything you'd like from fresh fruit, yogurt, dry cereal, hot cereal, noodles, cured meat and fancy cheeses, four types of juice, toast and jam and more pastries than I could count. All complimentary. All marvelous.

Thanks for checking in! We're off to grab some lunch in town, maybe a little shopping, and then back to the hotel possibly for a little happy hour. :)

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