01 June 2011

more trip :)


friday...move-in day!! 
after dealing with ants, bugs, hot toilet water, non-nonstick cookware (and smoke detectors), more ants, and a broken dishwasher, we are ready to move.  :)

we're looking for garage sales and on craigslist for furniture that would work with our couch (that is currently on hold due to an "inventory discrepancy") and our bedroom, and also for a lawn mower and washer and dryer.  whew! 

here are a few more pictures from our trip (which feels like months ago) for grandma and grandpa. :)

 we found a starbucks while doing some street shopping in phuket, which was a nice treat.  :) 
 our second time around in singapore was a much better experience than the first--we hopped on a bus and got off at a stop that looked like it might be 'downtown'.  it actually turned out that it was across the bay from downtown, but we were still very fortunate to have stumbled upon this. 
 that hot dog looking building is the fanciest hotel i have ever walked in, and the hot dog part is a look-out (that would have cost us $40 to go up to). 
 the double helix bridge was pretty sweet.
 aaaaand THE most AWESOME shopping mall i have EVER seen.  there were stores i couldn't even pronounce, much less walk into with my backpacker clothing on.  :)  there was also a river that ran through the whole thing and boats that you could ride in and a casino and a skating rink.  no big deal.   
 we landed back in california at 3:30am and went to ihop at 5am (where i ordered an hour-appropriate breakfast and tyler ordered a chicken sandwich, but since it was 5pm where we had just come from, i didn't give him too much grief :)  that day we went to napa valley and explored just a couple vineyards and then headed to san francisco and saw the golden gate bridge for the first time.
the above picture is from the beautiful filoli gardens (that i always spell wrong). 
and here we are on the new bridge at the hoover dam.  we also saw the grand canyon and drove south to phoenix and then tucson and hung out with good friends.

well, it's time for lunch!  i'm headed north next tuesday (driving again, only because i'm totally not sick of that) and looking forward to seeing my family!! 

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