27 May 2011


it's funny how often my blog gets updated when i...
a. don't have anything else to do
b. don't want to do what i have to do

weird, huh?

tyler called the housing office today to see if they had a different date for our move-in (other than june 10, which is shelley and kory's wedding, which means i'll be long gone in minnesota) "just so we can schedule our movers" and we heard great news...

our new move-in date is NEXT friday, not two weeks away friday.  hallelujah!  i'll be able to move our stuff in and get settled before i leave for three weeks!  also, they gave us the wrong address before.  now instead of our backyard facing the road, it's facing a playground and a huge open field.  not complaining there. 

we're headed to shreveport, louisiana tomorrow morning for a wedding celebration with some of tyler's buds from the academy.  we couldn't decide if we wanted to go, but after realizing the few things there are to do in this town and how much we'd rather not stay cooped up in this little suite, taking advantage of the holiday weekend and getting out of town did seem like the best option. :)

today is promotion day for the 2009 graduates!!  my husband is now a 1st lieutenant!
it's also Mel's birthday, so happy birthday to my favorite mother-in-law! :)     

happy memorial day weekend, everyone!  i hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy some grilled food! 

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