10 July 2011

day two...

i'm back in, people!  after a very crazy few months, things are finally slowing down a bit here in north texas.  my summer trips have winded down but unfortunately, i said farewell to my handsome husband yesterday morning as he goes through training for a month.  which is why i will hopefully have a million hours to devote to my lovely bloggy.  i also have quite the list to tackle...wanna take a peek?

-order pictures so i have things to put in the scrapbook

-sew bean bags for cornhole
-look up instructions to sew bean bags

-sew pillow covers for bedrooms and couch

-find out why our new couch isn't here yet (2 months late, helloooo!)

-hang curtains in bedroom
-avoid putting extra holes in bedroom wall while hanging curtains (this i failed to accomplish yesterday, but if anyone points them out, they do not belong in my house:)
-find/buy/hang curtains in family room and dining room

-exchange bedroom lamps

-wash 4runner

-garden: plant herbs, flowers and lay mulch
-weed out front and in the back yard
-mow lawn (find a lawn mower to borrow from a neighbor)

-make grandma's strawberry jam

-paint/cover 2nd stool

-clean house

-find wooden frames to cover with fabric

whew!!  oh, and all of these should be done in addition to my major summer goal: (start) and finish my teaching certification.  and look for teaching jobs. 

no big deal, right?? :)
oh yes, it's also my birthday next sunday so maybe on that day, i'll park it in front of the tv and watch seasons of friends allll dayyyy looooooong.  (what would you do if you were alone for your birthday??)  :) 

for your viewing pleasure:

 yes, i did ask tyler to take this picture the day before he left just in case i forgot what he looked like. ;)
 my gorgeous sister...isn't she beautiful?  ben is a lucky man. :)
i'm glad mom snuck us in for a picture.  we got married in the same church a year and a half earlier (almost to the day)
the wedding and reception was a blast!  i'd like to think i made a pretty good matron of honor, but i also hope i didn't scare anyone off if they weren't following directions... :)  it was great fun seeing so many friends and family.  we weren't sure if my dad would be able to make it to the wedding, much less perform the vows between jenilee and ben, but he was able to get a day pass to leave the hospital, walk jenilee down the aisle (with many sniffling witnesses), clearly officiate the vows and even dance with her at the reception.  (good job, daddy!)  it was the best day.  :) 
my man in uniform was an usher in the wedding, the MC and DJ at the reception and ran around for two days straight helping get things done.  if i had a dollar for every person who told me that i found a good one, i'd have a house full of new shoes and purses. :)
the newlyweds at the gift opening. 

it was a great trip but i sure am glad to be officially unpacked for more than a few days.  thanks for stopping by to check in! 

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Holly Stavness said...

oh my goodness this made me cry!!! praise the Lord! so much happiness! love you!