25 July 2011

newsy news...

after a week griping about all the work it is to get an alternative certification, (bad attitude alert) and how user friendly the program i'm using IS NOT, and how i'm ever going to get all of my work done in time to start applying (which that point is past for most, but hey...schools could hire late!)

i just found out that i passed my exam!  i am now considered qualified to teach 8-12 english and language arts (maybe now i'll have to start capitalizing my blog entries...??) i still have a few program things to finish up, get fingerprinted, and do 30 hours of observation (summer school?)...

anyways!  i'm also...going to houston next week!  my last job asked if i would help train in the new person in my position.  (and also because seeing my husband for more than 4 days is a crime, apparently)

i'm really very excited about all things happening in my life.  i have planned none of this, by the way.  it's funny how God just works things out.  simple as that.

in the's a little bit about my new frame i was working on.  i saw this a pier 1 imports and thought that $35 was waaayyy too much to pay for it.  so i hustled over to hobby lobby and hancock fabrics and got to work!  i probably spent half as much money, all said and done but it was a good project. 

start with some great red felt...and a loooot of hot glue.  i found a great frame at hobby lobby (always 1/2 off) that would work with a 5x7 photo...i cut the parts equally...maybe 1-1.5 inches thick.  glued on the bottom and started placing!  

 i'll be honest, this actually took 3 or 4 times stopping and starting this project.  i couldn't decide if i liked it and then once i realized it was too late, it was just a matter of finishing it.  it really does look good, especially with our picture of the grand canyon in the background.  a layer of ribbon around around the outside of the frame helps.  here's the finished $12 vs. $35 dollar frame cover.  :)
and here's hoping i get to see my husband this week!  ciao!

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Audrey said...

So cute dani! You are awesomely crafty! :) Well done, and, again, congrats on the teaching license!