26 July 2011


i couldn't have been any more creative with the title, right?  i know. 

you've probably guessed what this post is on, but allow me to elaborate.  since i can remember, i've been collecting/obsessing over/buying scarves.  out of all of my fetishes, (, purses, cheap/tacky jewelry, jeans, sunglasses, white tank tops) this scarf thing has lasted the longest.  fortunately, i've also never spent more than $10-$12 on a single scarf.  (i guess if you count up how many i have, that's a loot of dough) but that is irrelevant and doesn't make me feel any guilt. 

i realized this scarf thing was on a whole different level when my college roommate, sara, came back from her month abroad to england with a charming blue pashmina.  i still adore it and after a few years and many more scarf additions, it is still one of my 'go-to's'.  my scarf collection now not only includes scarves from all over the U.S., but many different countries around the world.  

the obsession also hit a new high when i 'had' to buy a cute little rack at hobby lobby to give my beautiful accessories a home, where they wouldn't have to be wrinkled and ignored.  not only did it give the scarves somewhere to hang out, it has always provided fun decoration on my bedroom wall. 

so...without further ado and in no particular order, here is my cast of characters aka wall of scarves. 

this first set are scarves i will always treasure and love.  my grandma let me go through her scarf drawer, since she doesn't wear them anymore, and pick out ones i liked.  these are all fabulous and go great tied tightly (but not too) around my neck.  
the blue scarf is the one previously mentioned from sara from england, and the one on the right is from her second trip to england, a year later.
 the following two pictures are not necessarily boring scarves, but they are ones i've picked up, or gotten as gifts, from different retail stores around the U.S.  most are from target, forever 21 and h&m.
and with the exception of one (the multi colored animal print), i found them all at forever 21 (back when i frequented that store more than my college library)
this beauty is from israel.  buddy (holly) gave it to me as a bridesmaid gift for being in her wedding in august of 2009.  she and most of her family took a great trip the the Holy Land just a few months before she got hitched and i LOVE this scarf!  it has beautiful details and is perfect for a chilly day.   
these three scarves are all from vietnam.  tyler gave these to me before we were "officially" dating after his spring break trip.  they are so pretty, feminine and light and airy and they will always make me think of how much fun tyler and i had dating each other. 
this is from malaysia, when tyler went on his 60-day trip after graduation to many different asian countries.  i LOVE this scarf, he totally nailed it with the animal print.
these final two i picked out in thailand when we went there in may.  they are both beautiful and while the temperature has been too hot so far, i can't wait to wear them both!
and here is my beautiful wall of scarves.  (with one half of the curtains i hung so well... :)
thank you for coming on my 'tour de scarves'!  i can't wait go to many more amazing places and come back with such a fun memento! 


Rebekah said...

Wow! How neat that so many are from different places. It makes them so special!

Anonymous said...

Now that's alot of scarves!!! What a great collection, especially when they each have such speical memories. I don't have ANY scarves...makes me want to start collecting too.
Your aunt, Mary M

Amanda G. said...

what a great blog idea! love all those international scarves :)

Anonymous said...


wish I had known how much you loved them when I was in Spain, they had some really beautiful ones at the markets!