27 September 2011

schnitzel go-round

in an attempt to recreate some of the german goodness we experienced in fredericksburg last month, i tried making these potatoes with sauerkraut, pork and cheese with no recipe or recollection, only the above photograph from my phone.  this is that story.  in photos.
3 russets, split in half with the bottoms sliced off, covered with tin foil, buttered up, and way too long in the oven later (45 min...who has time for that?!), they were soft enough to pile on the toppings.  first the pork...aka kielbasa (my favorite) and then sauerkraut (i only started to tolerate the sour cabbage a little while ago, and i'm glad i changed my mind!)
another 20 or so minutes in the this point, my husband is home from work (and i've been at this for nearly two hours) and telling me how delicious it smells, etc...and as soon as he sees the potatoes and i explain what i'm trying to do, gently comments that he thought we had eaten loaded potato skins and not whole potatoes.  duh.  i thought something was off...if only i have the memory he does!  the potatoes still tasted great, now i just know what to do differently! :)
below is the finished product with the homemade schnitzel i fixed on the side.  that was quite delicious, as well, and if you feel like making it at some point click here for the recipe (don't forget to make the awesome sauce too!) 
thanks for stopping by!  i've got quite the rest of the week ahead of me...i start student teaching tomorrow morning (!!), the air force vs navy game and oktoberfest AND the air show are all on saturday..  whew!  my throat started hurting today, so i've been taking lots of time to get sick! 

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