21 June 2012

Salmon Skin Roll

If someone were to have told me four years ago that I would be eating raw fish and vegetables wrapped in seaweed and rice for fun and of my own free will, I would have rolled my eyes and walked briskly to the trash can.  And now, today, I sit here as a person who has tried and actually eaten sushi FOUR TIMES.

The first time was when Tyler and I were starting to "hang out" so you know my motivation behind THAT incident.  And it's not that I didn't like it (or love it), it was just something I knew I never had to eat again.  Or so I thought.

The next time I ate sushi was at our fancy hotel restaurant in downtown Tokyo last May.  I'm pretty sure I actually enjoyed it then, but then again I was in Japan so I could have been caught up in the whole fresh-local-Japanese experience.  

The third and weirdest time I had sushi was last fall.  Tyler was flying late and I was hungry and craving...sushi.  (weird, huh?  Since I have yet to acknowledge that I actually like it) So I went to the commissary and bought some pre-made wraps and took it home to scarf down.  (there is actually a very sweet Asian guy who makes the sushi right there every day, so I knew it was "fresh") It took me one roll to realize that my love and craving was not quite to the level of buying and enjoying base commissary sushi.  So I put it back in the fridge and Tyler had a nice late-night snack when he came home from work.

All this to say, last Saturday night Tyler and I were invited to Misty and Drew's house to make our own sushi!  I was a little nervous but knew that if I were going to learn to love sushi from anyone, it might as well be Misty, who is an expert on all things fish (and is convincing me more and more that I might actually enjoy it too).  So we made sushi.  And I loved it.  It was wonderful knowing exactly what I was putting into my sushi, even if I was least adventurous (with only crab, avocado, carrots and cucumber).  But I tried the others and found they were just as good.  And yes, I took pictures (for you doubters out there...aka my family)

So here I a sushi eater.  And since I've been thinking about it so much for this post, I might venture out and get some for supper tonight since it's another late night flying.   

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