19 June 2012

Cookbook droolings

This is a different post than usual.  This is where I take the opportunity to acknowledge that my birthday is less than a month away.  And give the opportunity for my lovely readers to have a sneak peek into my current cookbook droolings, for no reason at all (especially not any related to a certain occasion a certain calendar page away).  Also, I love cookbooks.  Most people prefer to look online for recipes, but I like to gather my favorite cookbooks (and the latest edition of Real Simple) with my grocery list and plan my meals out.  If the cookbooks fail me (gasp!) I turn to the internet, but with sadness. 

There ya have it.  I saw the Southern Cakes cookbook at Cracker Barrel last week and thought Amazon could surely do better than the $19.95 pricetag (and it's $12.01 online!) -- it has amazing cake recipes good for birthdays, holidays, and even brunch!  The Real Simple cookbook is on the way top of my list because I have the first edition and literally use it every week.  The other two just look like fun, don't they? 

Okay.  The drooling is over (that wasn't so bad, was it?!) 

Is anyone watching the Bachelorette?  Yeah me either.  Except for I am in like with Arie.  And Sean.  They are both so handsome (you know, in the tv sort of way) and perfect for Emily.  If I were watching it (remember I'm not) I would know that this season is different than most, but also still packed with Drama.  I still love Emily from North Carolina and don't believe any of the tabloids about her (that I'm also not reading).  Okay, great! 

Have a happy Tuesday!

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