18 June 2012


Almost a year ago, my handy husband made me a flower box for one of the windows in our house.  it's beautiful but cursed.  I tried to grow countless things (I had visions of the world's best indoor herb garden) but the very obvious lack of sunlight thwarted plan after plan. (the window is right under our covered patio)  The one time I managed to grow some great parsley was when I put a lamp on a stool (without the lamp shade) and had the light on 24 hours a day.  the parsley grew in the exact direction the light was coming from so it had this weird, slanted thing going on.  I turned the lamp off for a weekend trip and came back to wilted parsley.

Until last weekend when I had the brilliant idea to transplant green plants (useless houseplants, unfortunately) that required zero sunlight with fresh dirt and fertilizer to the box.  And while it has only been since Friday, I still have a beautiful green arrangement of one ivy and six other random (clearance rack) plants from Atwood's. 

The final picture is unfortunately blurry but you get the idea.  It's a great little decoration and I really, really, really hope I can keep this alive. 

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Courtney said...

Cute! I have the same problem in our house here, but fortunately I have been able to successfully grow a few herbs outside (but they have to be up high or else the bunnies eat them). Also, did you know that ivy is one of the best plants to have in your house? It helps filter fecal matter out of the air. I have on in our guest bathroom ;)