23 August 2012

fruit smoooooothies

One of my favorite things this summer has been fruit smoothies.  Tyler and I have them several times a week and I haven't gotten sick of them yet!  I don't eat a lot of fruit in it's true form, so this has been the most ideal way to get enough fruit in a day. The best part is that I can make them exactly how I want and the ingredients can always be different.  Some favorite ingredients (in any combination):

-fruit (I buy the berry mix from Walmart)
-one banana
-a little orange juice OR almond milk
-a spoonful of greek yogurt
-handful of spinach leaves -- the best part of this is you can't taste it at all!
-couple teaspoons of ground flaxseed (the health benefits of flax are endless and it really is a delicious addition to anything)

If you follow my facebook page, you might have seen that I posted a picture from another blogger who had frozen fresh fruit in individual bags to be used in fall and winter, when fresh fruit is much more expensive.  I thought this to be a brilliant idea and in typical "danielle" fashion, I ran/drove to Market Street (Land of Fresh Produce and Fruit) ASAP on Monday to find some great fruit to freeze myself.  I like doing things myself and I like saving money (although Tyler is not convinced I saved money since the fruit bags I get are typically only $3.88) so this was a perfect activity for me.

This was my final count after shopping:
-2 pints of blueberries at $1.97 each
-2 pounds of strawberries at $4.77
-one pineapple at $3.99 (I thought that was expensive, but I wasn't in the "shop around" mood)
-6 peaches at $1.87 a pound
-spinach at $3.24 a large box

8 freezer glad containers (which I'm not including in the price count since I needed these anyways)

the total cost for my homemade fruit smoothies was $18.97 and I made 8 tupperware containers (and had 1 peach, 8 strawberries and a cup of blueberries leftover) -- I figure each tupperware container will make two smoothies, so I can get 16 smoothies out of $19 worth of fruit.  Now that I'm talking it through, I realize that with the 1 pound bag of fruit I get from Walmart, I think I get 3-4 smoothies out of each bag.  Anyone else with me?  The cost is the same.  (crickets chirping, husband beaming with pride) 


Maybe if I was a better scavenger and found cheaper fruit I could have saved more?  yeah, probably.  aw shucks.  But now I really have no excuse to walk in Walmart, so that's exciting.  And my little activity was fun, I guess. 

I hate it when my husband is right.

But I managed to take pictures, so enjoy!

I think they'll be pretty fruity smoothies and I'm excited about the combos--peach/blueberry; strawberry/peach; pineapple/blueberry; strawberry/blueberry; blueberry/pineapple; peach/pineapple.  (All with spinach but one)  We'll have to do a good job and drink them all by the time we move (which we don't know when yet, but it's out there!) 
I'd love other ideas about what else to make smoothies out of-I'm always up for some variety!

Hope you're having a great week--I've been looking forward to my Thursday night yoga class all week and I'm so glad it's finally here! 


Holly Stavness said...

ok seriously buddy you are becoming an amazing food blogger. :) great job! i always try to make smoothies and they just don't taste good! I'll have to try yours! and YOGA?! who are you?? lol love that you are in a yoga class. isn't it the greatest?? love you buddy!

Courtney said...

That all looks delicious!! I did the same thing with strawberries a few months ago when they were super cheap, and I think we are about to get crazy with the mangos. If you want to splurge, Costco carries these big bags (5lbs I think?) of frozen, pitted black cherries. I think they cost $11.99, so they aren't cheap, but they do add a little extra something to other smoothie mixes. Plus, I am never going to go through the trouble of pitting a bunch of cherries like that.