02 August 2012

Grin and sweat it.

It's 108 degrees this afternoon but I am so sick of being indoors that I have my sunglasses, my ICEd tea and I am going to enjoy writing for a few minutes from the hot box of my back patio.  And potentially hear my husband as he flies over the house. 

We had such a fun weekend in Utah this past weekend celebrating Tim and Whitney's wedding.  Most of the groomsmen were the same guys that stood up as witnesses in our wedding and while they've known Tyler longer, I feel like they're my old friends, too.  There was a lot of Academy talk, a little flying talk, and a lot of having fun together.  Tyler and I also enjoyed the cool weather and refreshing mountain air with a few hikes and lots of being outside (without sweating). 

In other exciting news, last Friday was the class of 12-07's drop/assignment night, which marks only 6 weeks until 12-08's drop/assignment night which is Tyler's class!  We were bummed to be traveling to Utah during their drop night, but I am so excited for my good friends and their husbands as they received their plane assignments and have a little more of an idea about their futures (when I say little, I mean it narrows it down...a little) 

For those of you who are curious about drop night, it is basically the culmination of the last year.  The hundreds of hours studying, countless hours flying, cross country trips, out and backs, tests, sims, chair flying, night flying, stand ups, all of it.  Drop night is when, after all the previous things, the student pilot finds out what plane he'll be flying for at least the next 8-10 years.  And we'll find out our next base assignment/home, where he'll do more training in that actual aircraft but basically, drop night is the "results" part of a race, or the report card part of a semester.  And it's now only 5 weeks away, which is one week more than a month.  September 7th.  Think of us. 

And because I have now lasted longer outside than my poor laptop which is burning my hands, I must bid you farewell for today.  Come back tomorrow for my new favorite salad recipe!    

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