14 October 2012


disclaimer: these are not my pictures.  these were found using a very simple internet search. however, check the ol' blog in about 14-16 days and it will be chock full of real, original, amazing pictures from our very own Belizean vacation.  we've got our backpacks packed (yes, we're backpacking again) and the house nearly closed up.  Ada is going to stay with her best friend, Maya, and I simply need to get through a school day tomorrow before we leave on Tuesday morning at 2am for our flight from Dallas.  We're prepared for just about anything: rain, swarms of mosquitoes, lots of sun, hiking, allergies, dirty hands, stomach ailments, and the like.  We've got a small idea about our agenda: rainforest/caves/ruins for the first few days and then caye hopping/sun tanning/snorkeling for the remaining time.  Yes, we're pretty excited.  Hopefully I'll have a little bit of internet access to give updates, but since we're not sure where we'll be, it's hard to plan for that.  :)  Thanks for checking in--have a good week!     

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Courtney said...

SOOOOOOOO jealous!!! Beliz is definitely on my bucket list, especially Blue Hole! Cannot wait to see your pictures and hear of your adventures! I have a friend who did a half-year internship there not long ago and she has nothing but great things to say about it! Have so much fun and be safe!