15 September 2013

A little bit of Noonday...

You may know that I love shopping. Always have. But maybe you don't know that in high school, I went through a very bad, very detrimental, cheap jewelry phase. Bad as in I bought it all. the. time. Detrimental as in to my babysitting money, as well as my otherwise mediocre wardrobe. And here we are, a hop skip and jump through time later and I have idea where that money-turned-plastic-and-chains disappeared. Since then, I've shied away from buying jewelry. Maybe I was still reeling from "losing" all that money and the thought of turning my neck a metallic bluish/greenish was still fresh. Or maybe I chose to spend my time at the jeans rack, or the dress aisle instead of the jewelry counter. So for a shameful many years I have been miserably under-accessorized. And it's been sad. I have friends who say they could never leave the house without a pair of earrings, or a bracelet or necklace. Or lipstick. Me? All it took was a dry head of hair and my latest clutch. (which are both accessories in their own right, mind you) I am trying to change that. And fortunately, I now have Noonday to help a sister out. Hopefully I'll be able to share my latest outfit combos as they arrive in a flurry of inspiration. For now? Check out a few (sadly, just "selfies") pictures from last week, pre-chipmunk cheeks (thank you, wisdom teeth removal)... (a couple you'll recognize from instagram, if you're following me on there)

the few I took with long sleeves I was literally sweating so bad, the hair was sticking to my face. In my mind it's September, which means chilly breezes and hot tea in the afternoon. At least it did pre-south. But I'm making iced coffee and still can't walk to the mailbox after 9am. Oh well.
This bottom picture was right before my launch party. I was a little nervous about this necklace, since it is very much a statement piece and I am almost anti-statement. However, I have worn this the most, with the most varied of outfits. Yay!

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