14 September 2013

minnesota comes to visit

had my wisdom teeth out this week. yuck. glad that will only happen once! also glad I had lots of ice cream in the freezer (and a husband who knows where the closest chocolate shake is!) It was pretty nice being forced to relax for a couple of days after being busy with Noonday and having my sister and her new hubby in town to visit last weekend! We had a great time and took a few note-worthy pictures! We had fun dressing up in my cute jewelry :)

We took a quick trip down south to Arizona's cutesy wine country, Sonoita, and had fun tasting at a couple wineries. 

We couldn't believe how beautifully green and hilly it was down there!
On Monday before Cari and Ethan left, Tyler took us to the base and showed us the sims and flight line. Of course we had to take pictures by the cool planes.

We had a great visit with them! It was fun showing them a little bit around Tucson-I think we realized how much we're going to miss it here! But don't worry-we're not leaving yet! Apparently the weather actually gets nice in a couple of months...?

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