30 March 2011

wacky wednesday!

growing up, my dear mother would always cook pancake/eggs/sausage and serve them to us for supper on this day of the week, calling it wacky wednesday.   in an attempt to keep the tradition alive and transition it online: welcome to the first installment of... wacky wednesdasy, blog edition! 

wacky wednesday will be my outlet and excuse to give you random thoughts that are otherwise petty to put in a single post.  feedback, as always, is more than welcome!  :)

*i learned/relearned how to drive a standard/manual/stick last night in a parking lot.  our new car, a 2008 corolla, is just that.  it had been since college that i had even attempted to drive a manual but it was a blast and tyler said i did very well!
*i made enough pancakes to feed an army last night.  we called the guys for back up and fortunately, all remnants of my failure to cut the new recipe in half have since disappeared from my kitchen.

*i'm totally going to chick-fil-a tomorrow to get a free chicken biscuit!! 

*speaking of fast food (sigh), i discovered whataburger last week in a moment of weakness and haven't been able to get it out of my mind...did you know they put sauteed onions on their burgers??  (my mouth is watering and my arteries clogging just thinking about it) 

*our april is getting busier each day.  some highlights i'm looking forward to:
  • REI garage sale!!  (hopefully going to get some cute clothes that i'd be happy to wear day after day on our maycation -- you know, when we'll be gone for month with only a backpack in the way of luggage)
  • biking at brazos bend (famous for it's GATORS!)
  • final four party!  (tyler just figured out that if UCONN wins [the only team remaining on my bracket], i win! wahoooooo!)
  • painting class
  • tyler's thesis defense! 
  • driving to colorado springs for austin and megan's wedding, seeing friends and family and then driving to the west coast to hop on a plane for our maycation!  (also, can't wait to see buddy and bryce in sacramento!!) 
okay, i'm done.  that sounds like a fun month, right?? 
now i'm really done.  better figure out what to do for lunch.  thanks for stopping by for my first ever installment of wacky wednesday!!  look forward to this growing and getting even more random, mmk?? 

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