31 October 2011


i have been in a very scroogey/grinchy mood about today the past couple weeks, ever since the 31st appeared on my numerous october calendars.  mostly because i'm not usually a good halloween dresser and i could care less about scary things and (don't shoot me) i could definitely live without candy.

however, my mom was always awesome and sewed all 4 of us kids costumes until we were old enough to care (or when we moved to the country and trick-or-treating driving from farm to farm in the van got a little tedious) so i can't complain about that.  it wasn't long, though, until i decided that, sure, going to a halloween party was fun and while i managed to put together one or two costume-looking outfits...(a lumberjack with my roomies and a flapper girl) but entire night of makeup (more specifically red lipstick that either rubs off all over your clothes or never comes off when you want it), panty-hose or tights and clothes and shoes that were never really intended to wear as legitimately supportive body-coverings.  some people can pull the costume look off very well.  i hope to never be one of those people.
and now here i sit, waiting for the trick-or-treaters.  since i haven't lived in a door-to-door conducive neighborhood for...10+ years, i'm not sure what to do.  how many pieces of candy do i give them?  do i talk to them?  should i sit by the door?  should i keep my main door open?  how many pieces of candy can i eat?  can i do a candy swap with someone who has better candy than me?  what if no one comes to my door?  what if they walk right by and i can see them on the sidewalk through my window?  is my pumpkin not friendly enough?  what do i say back when they say trick-or-treat?  smell my feet?  tyler is sure going to be upset when he realizes how much he missed--they picked a good day for their 12 hours to start at 8:20am.

(and since i started this, i've had two groups of kids come to the door.  the first one i gave three pieces of candy each and they turned around and said "wow! she gave us a lot! let's come back!" the next i asked what he was dressed up as and he didn't know.  so: one piece each, and don't engage them in conversation)

in the meantime, i'll find something to do whilst i wait.  read a book, perhaps?  i just got my new healthy book, "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan and perhaps someday when i'm more knowledgeable about it, i'll write a very educated post for you all to awe at.


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Courtney said...

I'm so glad you are reading "In defense of food." It is on my reading list. I am already a convert to the (mostly) plant-based diet coupled with eating food without antibiotics, fillers and chemicals and such, but it still fascinates me. There was a good article in Oprah's mag this month (I read it at the hair salon), and I recommend "Food, Inc." (free to stream on Netflix). I also liked "The Kind Diet" (kind life?). I'll share recipes with you if you share with me!!