03 November 2011

T-6 solo

Tyler soloed for the first time in the T-6! I was able to take off the afternoon from school to hang out a bit in the flight room, observe the pre-flight checklist, watch him take off and jump in the dunk tank.  it was a lot of fun to see him "do his thang" (he's going to hate me for saying that).  i'm a proud wife!  here is the afternoon in pictures.  they're pretty self-explanatory, so i'll spare you the captions. 

(isn't my hubby handsome?)

(tyler actually JUMPED by himself into the tank/bowl...crazy man!  beats getting thrown in, i guess)  and that's the dunk tank he and his class took a saturday a couple weeks ago and painted the tank for breast cancer awareness month.  cute, huh? 
i snapped a short video of the taxi, mostly for thorough documentation.  then tyler asked me tonight if i noticed the crew chief dancing a little bit as he directed tyler, which of course i didn't notice.  (did you notice?)  now go to these videos; apparently crew chiefs know how to have a little fun with the pilots.  click here and here and here.

yeah! solo #1 down!  hope you enjoyed the pictures!  it was sure fun to be a part of.  we're looking forward to the weekend.  no huge plans, just relaxing.


Holly Stavness said...

aw i am so proud too! bryce said, "i know a dude who flies fighter jets". haha so exciting! i love your "go tyler" at the end of the video. y'all are sooo cute. :) are you saying "y'all" yet?? :)

Courtney said...

yay Tyler!!
Now you guys can just borrow one of those planes and come fly out and see us on the weekends, right?? I'll make up the spare bed! =)