15 April 2010

Here it is!

The moment you've all been waiting for...but not quite...this post will include a few updates about what's been happening for us in the past couple weeks or so, but noooot our new apartment. Sorry! (Especially to Bre... :) It's coming, I promise. The only reason I have a few minutes to update this guy is because my husband is off to "man night". I'm doing laundry and relaxing a little bit... :)
The move was a huge success. We had so much help from Tyler's friends and I had help cleaning from a friend from church, Shannon. We love our new apartment! We love walking out in the morning or after supper and seeing people walk around. It's so unlike our old apartment. This weekend we're pretty excited to head to Austin for the weekend and go camping. We seem to be getting busier and busier so finding time to go camping and hiking before things get too hot and busy is important. We've been helping out with the youth group at church and absolutely love it! It's so fun to hang out with high schoolers again. :) Okay! How about some pictures?
So this is Tyler helping us get NBC. we finally found a good antenna (the ONLY thing that broke during the move was our antenna...of course) as you can see in this picture, this is the antenna, sideways. against one of our two patio doors (the one that doesn't open) it's hung by yarn and hiding behind the blinds. he's so creative.
bed, bath and beyond to spend a gift card! of course this random houston texan hat thing was in a bed, bath and beyond. where else besides a home store would you find it?
two of the interesting things on the road we see...the car above is something that was being poorly refurbished, according to my husband. meh.
a mercedes stretch limo? really?
crawfish boil. i remember tying firecrackers to these guys during summer time at the lake, sending them far out of pinching potential.
and here is my husband eating these very same creatures. apparently this is a big deal. there's some sort of spice to it that is supposed to be amazing...i went to this boil with an open mind and willing to try it, but immediately changed my mind.

yum? meh. maybe next time.
so i really like my job. more of an update later. stop by again soon!


Holly Stavness said...

ya, that stuff still doesn't look good to me. good job for trying it though!

Brittany said...

SO excited to see pictures of your new place! :) Looks like you guys have so much fun together.

So adorable!

have a good weekend lady! :) miss you!

Sudeepta said...

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