02 November 2010


i want a sewing machine for christmas.

i also want to be the creative woman that fills her house with wonderful homemade creations. you know who i'm talking about...the adorable blog you find and immediately bookmark, stalk and hope someday you can copy. not that i think that's going to be me. but i'd love to find the creative niche that i think might be somewhere.

so, i'm asking for a sewing machine for christmas.

i used to sew. i took home ec for waaaay too many years. i also sewed for 4-H in high school (i'm starting to sound really cool, aren't i?)

my mom is amazing at sewing. she always had a spot in our basement for her sewing stuff.  she made all of our easter, christmas, halloween, and any other random outfits.  seriously, every professional picture we had taken until i was like 10 we're wearing awesome dresses (or suits, in my brother's case) that mom created.   check them out:

see?  beautiful, huh?  (aren't i cute in that mint green dress?) 

now i'm not saying that i can do what my mom did...but i would love to make cute little outfits for my someday kiddos.  or at least be able to fix things.  or maybe sew curtains...sigh...we'll see.  in the meantime, i'll stick to knitting.  and scrapbooking my wedding photos someday. 

here's hoping i get that sewing machine!  :)


Nikki said...

You want to be the Martha Stewart mommy!! So do I! I want to be that mom that all the other kids and moms say "Wow! She can do it all!" just like Martha. I'm no good at sewing (I have very little practice), but I am currently working on my MS baking badge (hehe, if only there were Martha badges!) and photography so I can take good pictures. Someday, I want to learn to smock too. Hope you get your sewing machine! Perhaps you can give blog sewing lessons (And I'm totally impressed you can knit- thats on my list too)
PS: I am aware that I sound like a Martha stalker... but I am totally OK with it.

Brittany said...

:))) so cool!

I want a sewing machine too! Lets learn together!

because honestly I kinda sucked in Mrs.Ferris's class!

Tiffany said...

I am SO with you on the sewing! My mom is fantastic at it, but I've never learned. I really want to, so I'm putting a sewing machine on my list, too.

I found your blog through Mingle Monday!