16 December 2010

new year's eve...

New Year's Eve.  always the dreaded holiday.  the one where you hope to have fabulous plans.  i always hoped for a "when harry met sally", big band, fancy cocktail dresses, marvelous new year's eve.  most years, however, i was planted in the church basement in slippers and pajamas playing scrabble.  not that i'm complaining.  things changed in a big way, when, my brilliant mother (the mother who has had much crazier ideas...and the mother to whom i can give credit for my 'ideation imagination') suggested tyler and i get hitched on new year's eve, 2009.  i laughed through the phone with her.  hung up, chewed on the idea, and felt my face flush with adrenaline.  new year's eve?  seriously.  my mother was off her rocker.  as much as i wanted to avoid it, i started to love the idea.  not only love the idea, but become obsessed with the notion.  tyler, too, took the bogus idea and ran with it. 

and here's what we came up with:

not only did i not have to play scrabble last new year's eve, but i got to visit with my dearest family members, hug the oldest family friends who watched me grow up, and party with my best friends.  friends, family, and loved ones who wanted to stay up and celebrate on one of the coldest nights most had ever experienced. 

this is what i did last new year's eve:
toasted with my new husband (isn't he handsome?)
 danced with my daddy
 laughed with my little buddy, preston
 loved watching the party unfold
 reminisced some college days
 enjoyed the general splendor of a celebration of new lives joined and lives starting fresh.  i'd like to think other people had an okay time, too. 

  this new year's eve won't be as grandiose in numbers.  but perhaps even bigger of a milestone.  one year shared together.  and as i put in our christmas letter: we celebrated, learned and laughed much. 
thanks for letting this be cheesy.   


G. Roy Chandler said...

Another great post. Keep up the good work.

C.S.Tidbits said...

Hey it was my idea you get married on New Year' eve!! your mother tried to pass it off as her's???
and i love your posts.... you have a gift for writting!!