13 July 2011

my talented husband...

made me....THIS!

tyler had helped Nat make his picnic table a while back in Houston so he knew just what to do!  :)  i was very impressed to come home to this after my two weeks away.  the cute little grilling table is just perfect, too.  (sorry, honey...i'll never call your table 'cute' again)  he got the chairs from a garage/estate sale and we spray painted them black and added new cushions (from ikea), as you can see. 
just thought i'd share with you our awesome picnic table...ready for many bbqs and visitors (yes, that means YOU!)  okay...back to my schoolwork! 


Holly Stavness said...

wow! they are BEAUTIFUL!! i am thoroughly impressed! :)

Anonymous said...

So cool! I love it! (And now I should get back to MY school work....blah)