16 August 2011


the title of my post is how i'm feeling about my blog.  rightly so, i know.  but i have a good excuse!  my hubby has been home and we've been busy!  since he hasn't started training yet, he doesn't work much (just a few hours a day) and i've officially had the longest summer break ever (no work since the middle of april...whew!) but that will all change very quickly! 

i've been going to a Bible study with other wives on base, and we're doing the beth moore study on david.  i finally see an end to my teacher requirements (just five more days of 1 hour online chats), and not a moment too soon.  i'll be getting an assignment to start student teaching for 12 weeks starting towards the beginning/middle of september.  i've also started going to a few fitness classes with some friends (mom? dad? you still alive?)...and we're going on a day trip to dallas (did somebody say shopping?) on thursday. 

tyler has been busy with projects around the house, which i love!  i thought i'd have pictures to show, but i guess i haven't uploaded any in a while (surprise, surprise)  we're hopefully going camping this weekend and then on my birthday trip to fredricksburg next monday-tuesday.  thanks for checking in...i swear i'll have some great pictures next time! :)

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